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13170 SW 128 STREET~ SUITE 101





To arm entire system – both interior and perimeter:

  • Close all window and doors (green ready light will turn ON) ·

  • Press and hold (Away) for 2 seconds (the keypad will beep rapidly 5 times and the red Armed light will turn ON)

  • Exit premises before the delay time expires.    


To disarm system when you return:

  • When you enter through the door, the keypad will emit a steady warning tone.

  • Enter you 4-digit Master Code or User Code (the armed lit will turn off)

  • If you make an error, press # and enter the 4-digit code again.

To bypass a zone:

  • Press (*)(1)

  • Enter the two digit zone number  (example - 01)

  • press the pound sign (#)


To arm perimeter of building and still move freely inside:

  • Press and hold (Stay) for 2 seconds. To arm system with door or window open:

  • Press (*)(1) while disarmed

  • The Bypass light will flash

  • Enter the 2-digit zone number to be bypassed

  • To exit the Bypass function press (#)


When Trouble light comes on:

  • Press (*)(2)

  • Some keypads will descried the Trouble (full-message keypads); others will only identify the Trouble number (fixed-message and LED keypads)

  • If Trouble 1 appears - press (1) if another 1 appears then the battery in your main panel is low and needs to be replaced. you may contact our office to purchase a new 12 volt 4-6 amp Battery.

  • If Trouble 3 appears - You are having telephone line trouble.  Verify that you have dial tone and that your phone lines are working properly, if not please call your phone company.  If your phone is woking proberly please call our office 305-233-8282 and we will assist you with additional troubleshoolting

  • If Trouble 4 appears - Its a Failure to communicate.  set off your alarm (at least for one minute) to transmit signals you should get a call from our Central Station and system should go back to ready.   If that does not work call out office 305-233-8282 and we will assist you with additional troubleshooting.

  • If Trouble 8 appears, the time and date needs to be reset.  Directions are below.

  • For all other trouble conditions, contact your security provider.


To set time and date:

  • Press (*)(6) and enter the 4-digit Master Code

  • After 4 short beeps, press (1) then 10 digits, 2 each for the hour, minute, month, day and year (HH:MM MM/DD/YY)

  • Use 24+hour clock (e.g. 8:30pm = 20:30)

  • Use 2 digits each to indicate the month, day and year (example - March 12,2019 would be entered 031219)


To add access Codes:

  • Press (*) (5) enter the 4-digit Master Code

  • Enter a 2 digit user number to be programmed.

  • Enter the 4 digits for the code

  • Press (#) to exit

To change the master code:

  • Press (*)(5)

  • Enter your four digit code

  • Enter (40)

  • Enter  your new four digit code

  • Press the pound sign (#)


To enable door chime feature:

  • Press and hold ( ) (Door Chime) for two seconds

  • 3 beeps = ON; 1 long beep = OFF

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